Myth: I can’t read Kindle books on my iPad. Fact: You totally can. Any version of the Kindle app for iOS (iPhone or iPad), or any desktop Mac app version, will sync and display “Leaving Triscuit” beautifully. A “Kindle for Dummies” primer is here. Myth: Kindle? “That’s discrimination!” Fact: Rosa Parks felt discrimination. This is […]

If only for one day, wouldn’t you love to hear the words straight from the dog’s mouth? We can at least imagine. If dogs could talk, they’d say: Keep me on a leash at all times. Keep me safe and secure, and let all other dogs feel that way, too. My freedom isn’t worth someone else’s frustration. Bring […]

The Superpup to end all Superpups!

(photo courtesy of the Greensboro Grasshoppers—all rights reserved to them) Labs aren’t part of the AKC’s official Working Group of dogs, but don’t tell that to Miss Babe Ruth. This dedicated, hard-working black lab has been Greensboro, N.C., Class-A baseball team’s official bat-getter for 649 consecutive games. That’s right: since early August 2006, Miss Babe has […]

A quick but very touching clip. check it out:

For your away game, make a point to play with animals you encounter. you’ll keep your spirits up and send images back home of love and togetherness. Here’s a picture of a stray we encountered today while having lunch in Tamarindo. he was a cutie and very good tempered while he begged at the table.