NEW VIDEO: The life of your dog or cat, and of all lab animals, may now be at risk because of what Trump did to USDA — Keith Olbermann (@KeithOlbermann) February 10, 2017 “Why didn’t you tell me that dogs are one of the meanings of life?” Keith Olbermann may have jumped in to […]

“Leaving Triscuit” is only $2.99 through Labor Day. Get yours!   Today is National Dog Day. Yes, there’s a day for everything it seems—but why not mark this day and do something heroic for your precious four-legged kids? Leave the earphones at home. Earlier this year I wrote a post “If These Dogs Could Talk,” […]

(This post has updates below—enjoy reading!) We’re in the midst of a promotional push for Leaving Triscuit, and a number of bloggers and reviewers have weighed in: the book is a hit! Here’s some of the feedback, tweets and other reviews we’ve received (new review added): Erik Christian's blog post: Leaving Triscuit by Will Pollock […]

Leaving our pets is hard, but why does it have to be a burden? Short answer: it doesn’t. Doing some of the conscious work around leaving your pets can turn a stressful exercise into a valuable learning experience—for you and your furry children. Leaving Triscuit is the story of my beloved Rat Terrier and how she taught me […]

CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta did a “Vital Signs” piece on managing stress and how our responses to it can shape our lives for years to come. Veteran John Thurman found relief from PTSD through yoga, and there are many surprising ways our approach to stress can be turned on its head. check out this week’s #MondayMotivation on the CNN Vital Signs […]

“Leaving Triscuit” is No. 3 in its category for free Kindle titles. Boom!

Myth: I can’t read Kindle books on my iPad. Fact: You totally can. Any version of the Kindle app for iOS (iPhone or iPad), or any desktop Mac app version, will sync and display “Leaving Triscuit” beautifully. A “Kindle for Dummies” primer is here. Myth: Kindle? “That’s discrimination!” Fact: Rosa Parks felt discrimination. This is […]

If only for one day, wouldn’t you love to hear the words straight from the dog’s mouth? We can at least imagine. If dogs could talk, they’d say: Keep me on a leash at all times. Keep me safe and secure, and let all other dogs feel that way, too. My freedom isn’t worth someone else’s frustration. Bring […]

The Superpup to end all Superpups!