“Leaving Triscuit” is only $2.99 through Labor Day. Get yours!   Today is National Dog Day. Yes, there’s a day for everything it seems—but why not mark this day and do something heroic for your precious four-legged kids? Leave the earphones at home. Earlier this year I wrote a post “If These Dogs Could Talk,” […]

(This post has updates below—enjoy reading!) We’re in the midst of a promotional push for Leaving Triscuit, and a number of bloggers and reviewers have weighed in: the book is a hit! Here’s some of the feedback, tweets and other reviews we’ve received (new review added): Erik Christian's blog post: Leaving Triscuit by Will Pollock […]

Leaving our pets is hard, but why does it have to be a burden? Short answer: it doesn’t. Doing some of the conscious work around leaving your pets can turn a stressful exercise into a valuable learning experience—for you and your furry children. Leaving Triscuit is the story of my beloved Rat Terrier and how she taught me […]