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We’re in the midst of a promotional push for Leaving Triscuit, and a number of bloggers and reviewers have weighed in: the book is a hit!

Here’s some of the feedback, tweets and other reviews we’ve received (new review added):

Leaving Triscuit is a comprehensive resource which gives pet owners a psychological roadmap of how to make being apart from each other as easy as possible.” — Erik Christian

will has inspired me in many ways

“Leaving Triscuit provides a roadmap for solidifying ties with man’s best friend and with Triscuit’s best friend. A very loving tribute.”—M. Wilson

“It was a great privilege for me to get to interview Will Pollock, who has inspired me in many different ways. Thank you Will!”—Meglena Ivanova

“It’ll help you and your pet stay better connected during away time.”—Sherri Rabinowitz

Leaving Triscuit is a hit!”—Thom Anderson

“Author Will Pollock intuitively taps into the metaphysical reality of the unseen communication between himself and his lovable rat terrier, Triscuit, and shares his enlightenment with those who find it a challenge to be separated from their pet for any length of time.”—M. Wilson



We’re giving away three free copies at the end of the month, and the book is FREE until Saturday. So make sure to join in the fun guys—if you’re a dog owner or know someone who is, it’s a great gift to give.

If you’d like to join my blog tour, please get in touch! I’ll be updating this page as more reviews come in. ❏

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About Will Pollock

Will Pollock is freelance multimedia culture, politics, media and entertainment journalist based in midtown Atlanta. He is an author of two books ("Pizza for Good" and "Leaving Triscuit), with more in the pipeline. Will is a photographer, musician, content wrangler, curator and artist. He is founder and director of ARTvision Atlanta, which in 2016 will be celebrating 10 years and $60,000 in fundraising. He writes about politics, pop-culture and other nonsense on his blogs, and you can follow him on Twitter @bywillpollock.


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