Leaving our pets is hard, but why does it have to be a burden?

Short answer: it doesn’t.

Doing some of the conscious work around leaving your pets can turn a stressful exercise into a valuable learning experience—for you and your furry children.

Leaving Triscuit is the story of my beloved Rat Terrier and how she taught me many important lessons. Chief among them: dogs (and cats) are aware of when you leave and need to be included in all points of the process.

Leaving our pets is hard, but why does it have to be a burden?

Which is where my eBook comes in. I spent a number of months in 2012 interviewing animal-communication experts as well as noted human psychologists to get to the heart of how we can be good shepherds of our furry children.

What I learned will change your relationship with them forever, I promise you. Animals do not have the gift of speech, and how we do communicate with them is emotional and non-verbal. Which is why, in my chapter, “Mystical Challenge,” I talk about the intelligence dogs and cats show beyond our English language:

Dogs and cats engender and stimulate that mysterious, mystical challenge in us, and Triscuit, I’m proud to say, is an exemplar in that arena. With her smarts and intuition, Triscuit has supplied selfless, unmitigated joy and healing when my choices and tribulations have gotten the better of me. During particularly stressful break-ups or other dramas, she’s kissed away tears and known when I needed comforting and care. She was glued to my father when he was ill because she somehow knew he needed healing. Triscuit can sense the person in the room who’s most uncomfortable around dogs, and she singles that person out to win his or her affection. …

As imperfect humans, we are blessed with perfect, unfiltered love from our pets. Triscuit single-handedly taught me that. But it’s the prescience she shows— the connectedness to my feelings of hurt, joy, pain, confusion, anger, and frustration—frustration— that prompted me to wonder how pet and owner bond beyond conventional understanding. Leaving Triscuit aims to honor that mysterious connection and will help you design a conscious “away game” with your pet’s intelligence and intuition in mind.

I’m in the middle of my eBook blog tour, and could really use your help. I’m a self-published author and would love to chat with you about the project and how it can help people. I’ve already chatted with BlogTalk Radio host Sherri Rabinowitz, which is here (thank you Sherri!):

Once again: my blog tour link is active and they’re are still slots open through Elite Book Promotions. Get yours!

Thanks for reading, and thanks for doing all you do to make the world a better, safer and more peaceful place—for us and our four-legged babies. ❏


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Will Pollock is freelance multimedia culture, politics, media and entertainment journalist based in midtown Atlanta. He is an author of two books ("Pizza for Good" and "Leaving Triscuit), with more in the pipeline. Will is a photographer, musician, content wrangler, curator and artist. He is founder and director of ARTvision Atlanta, which in 2016 will be celebrating 10 years and $60,000 in fundraising. He writes about politics, pop-culture and other nonsense on his blogs, and you can follow him on Twitter @bywillpollock.


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