November 28, 2015

If These Dogs Could Talk

IMG_6461If only for one day, wouldn’t you love to hear the words straight from the dog’s mouth? We can at least imagine…

If dogs could talk, they’d say: Keep me on a leash at all times. Keep me safe and secure, and let all other dogs feel that way, too. My freedom isn’t worth someone else’s frustration.

Bring me inside if I’m too quick to bark.

Bring me to dog parks and picnics and places where dogs are allowed, but only if I play nice with others. Also, teach me how to be just as happy when I have to be home alone.

Teach me boundaries so I know the rules, but don’t be too harsh. I’m always learning just like you.

Don’t take me to places that scare me.

Don’t walk me with your nose buried in a smart phone. Pop out the earphones and enjoy the sounds of nature. You never know when our time together might have to end, so enjoy it. Be present and aware.

If I have problems with socializing, please don’t hold it against me.

triskyandfennieIf I have playmates whom I know and love, make sure I see them often.

If I offer kisses, take them.

If I try to steal a few extra sniffs on a walk, indulge me. I totally rock at smelling stuff.

Please explore methods for becoming an even better pet parent. Myriad books, coaches and classes can help both of us be better sentient beings.

If I wink at you at the Humane Society and you’re ready for the responsibility, take me with you.

Thank you for giving me a good home.

Sorry for chewing the couch leg. I was scared.

The mailman is a bastard and I hate him with a passion but I love him so much and please make sure he comes back tomorrow.

Most of all, be as clear as you can when you’re leaving for an extended period. Don’t be afraid to communicate, because I understand your words and feelings way more than you think. Include me in the packing process, and clue me in to when you’ll be back. Let me celebrate with you when you get home, because I’ve been eager to have a reunion.

I wake up every day feeling lucky you’re around to love.

# # #

Do more. Worry Less. Make your “hellos” even sweeter with better good-byes. Buy “Leaving Triscuit” today!




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Will Pollock is freelance multimedia culture, politics, media and entertainment journalist based in midtown Atlanta. He is an author of two books ("Pizza for Good" and "Leaving Triscuit), with more in the pipeline. Will is a photographer, musician, content wrangler, curator and artist. He is founder and director of ARTvision Atlanta, which in 2016 will be celebrating 10 years and $60,000 in fundraising. He writes about politics, pop-culture and other nonsense on his blogs, and you can follow him on Twitter @bywillpollock.


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